Golf Ball Basket


National Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the Boland contenders is based on the following points system.

Members should however be “in good standing” and must have been a Nomad for at least 12 months and played a minimum of 12 games.

There are also 2 Captain’s Picks for those new members who have not played 12 games in 12 months.

Their selection will be decided on commitment shown as a Nomad in their period as a member.

Selection Criteria:

Monthly Games

Andrew Mentis or Junior Day

Attendance at AGM

Participation at last Nationals

Participation at previous Nationals

Away games

Current/past committee

Past Nat. Exec member

Current local sponsor

Golforama duty in the year

Points Allocation:

1 point per game over the last 24 months

1 point per for either (max 1 point) – current year

2 points for current year only

1 point

1 point (max 1 point)

1 point per event over last 12 months (max 2 points)

1 point per year (max 2 points)

1 point

1 point

1 point per day (max 2 points)

Only 2 make-up games per year count towards your game record and it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the Match Secretary receives these cards.